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Pure Heart. All Hands.

As with any competitive sport, those who are passionate about it are fully engaged, investing their 'Heart':

Pure heart.

The 'Hands' are the focus of the sport, and are built into its name. This also refers to the idea of community and togetherness that athletics bring:

All hands.

Every sport involves more than mechanics, and more than passion. It takes both - Heart (passion) and Hands (skills). Both are needed to win, and both are what create impact and excitement for fans and players alike.

Bella Gulldén, Most Valuable Player at the EHF EURO 2014, explains why and how her first international championship on home court will be all about 'Pure heart. All hands.':

When Sweden hosted the Women's EHF EURO 2006, Isabelle Gulldén was 17 years old. Now she is 25 and the captain of the Swedish national team.

"I watched many games in 2006. I remember that Sweden got their best result so far and that the players got well-deserved attention which made me work harder to reach the national team myself," she says.

When the EHF EURO 2010 came around, she was one of the key players that steered Sweden to silver, the team's first championship medal.

One explanation of the success was that the championship was held in the neighbouring countries of Norway and Denmark.

"The Norwegians, Danes and Swedes created an awesome atmosphere! It felt almost like home court and gave our team many big energy boosts.

"I hope the Scandinavians can create that kind of atmosphere at Sweden 2016 as well," says Gulldén.

Passion and skill

She has seen the logo, which is hand drawn from scratch with a brush and water colours. Every line, every splatter and every beautiful imperfection is made by hand (and then scanned to become digital).

"I think it is perfect. It shows the contrasts in handball. I'm not sure there is any other sport where you have to be so tough and so technical at the same time.

"To achieve something in handball you need to have both a passionate heart and a skillful hand."

All different colours and textures mixing into each other in the logo stand for  the nations coming together - on the court all are equal.

"That is so true. I have learned a lot by playing with players from loads of different countries.

"Every player has their own view on tactics, training and loves handball in their own way and we can all learn a lot from each other," says Gulldén.

The slogan for Sweden 2016 is "Pure heart. All hands."

It describes that every sport involves more than mechanics and more than passion.

It takes both heart and hands to win, and both are what create impact and excitement for fans and players alike.

Gulldén: "The best tournaments I have experieced, both as a youngster and senior, is when as much is happening off the pitch as there is on the pitch.

"That is what we are hoping to create in Sweden 2016, together with all the visitors."