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Welcome to Helsingborg!

Photo: Albin Wahlgren

Helsingborg is situated in the Copenhagen bay area in the south of Sweden and has all the advantages of a small town while being able to offer the wide variety of amenities expected of a large town. Helsingborg offers a wide range of experiences, hotels, restaurants and shops - everything within easy walking distance of each other. Every season brings new events offering a wide variety with something for all.

Helsingborg has 130,000 residents and they are representing 150 different nationalities, which gives the town a truly international character. One destination - two countries. Denmark is located only four kilometres away and can easily be visited by a 20-minute boat ride.

Helsingborg loves handball

Helsingborg is the home of the next handball generation when the youth summer tournament "OV Beach Handball" is held in the city. In 2014 it attracted the incredible number of 17,000 participants. The city also has its own local elite team OV Helsingborg.

Helsingborg Arena

Helsingborg Arena is the newest handball arena in southern Sweden as it was inaugurated in December 2012. The arena has five halls. The largest can accommodate 4,700 spectators at sporting events. Helsingborg Arena is centrally located in Helsingborg within walking distance from the city's railway station.

Helsingborg Arena will host Group D in the preliminary round. The teams drawn to Group D are EHF EURO champions Norway as well as Russia, Romania and Croatia.

Helsingborg Arena will also host Main Round Group II and then be the venue for Norway and Denmark should these two make it to this stage of the final tournament. 

Tickets for the preliminary round as well as for the main round will be available from 21 June 2016 on ticketmaster.se.

Celebrate Christmas in Helsingborg

December in Helsingborg is a magical experience. The city is pulsating with life, qualitative exhibitions, concerts and millions of Christmas lights. For Christmas shopping Helsingborg offers a charming city centre, the Väla shopping centre with more than 180 shops and a unique outdoor Swedish handcrafts Christmas market in the Fredriksdal Museum.

Read more about Helsingborg on on the official tourism website www.helsingborg.se or the regional website www.familjenhelsingborg.se