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Welcome to Kristianstad!

Photo: Cecilia Sandén

Kristianstad combines the best of several worlds by being a part of the rapidly growing Øresund Region. A versatile landscape, exciting festivities and a genuine Scanian food culture attracts visitors from all around the world.

Kristianstad has a unique and vibrant city centre with oodles of genuine cafés. In addition to the city pulse, Kristianstad offers relaxation with its closeness to forests, lakes and the sea. Shoppers can try both casual walks on the boulevards and venture visits to the idyllic local farm shops.

Kristianstad loves handball

Kristianstad is commonly regarded as the Mecca of handball in Sweden. The city has one team in the Swedish top league for both men and women. In the 2014/15 season every game of the men's team has been sold out and the women's team won the league and also enjoyed the highest attendance on average among all clubs.

Kristianstad Arena

Kristianstad Arena was opened 2010 and is a multi-purpose arena with seating for 4,500 spectators at sporting events. The arena hosted 18 games during the Men's World Championship 2011 and is equiped with restaurants, VIP lounges and a conference centre. It is located close to the highway, train station and Kristianstad airport. Kristianstad Arena will host Group B in the preliminary round.

The teams that qualified for Group B are Netherlands, France, Germany and Poland. The playing dates are 4, 6 and 8 December 2016. Tickets for Group B will be available on ticketmaster.se from 21 June.

Read more about Kristianstad on the official tourism website www.turism.kristianstad.se