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Refereeing Guidelines

As it is essential that the referees, coaches and players speak the same language in terms of rule interpretation, the following refereeing guidelines have been set by the EHF Technical Refereeing Committee (TRC) for all participants. The main goal of the guidelines is to protect the players and the image of the game.


It is essential to control the actions between the pivot and the defender(s) on the 6-metre line from the first moment of the game. The referees will not allow shirt grabbing, long holding and/or defenders pulling down the line player.


The EHF EURO referees will be advised to take firm actions in form of a two-minunte suspension or a direct disqualification from the very first minute of the match for:

  • pushing an opponent who is up in the air (immediate two-minute suspension)
  • long holding and pushing from the side or from behind (immediate two-minute suspension)
  • hitting the face (immediate two-minunte or direct disqualification depending on the hit’s type and its severity)


For the purpose of awarding a penalty in connection with a goalkeeper leaving the goal area, a clear chance of scoring exists when an opponent with ball and body control has a clear and unobstructed opportunity to throw the ball into the empty goal and the defender destroys this opportunity by means of an illegal action.

However, if the attacking player is not trying to shot on the empty goal (i.e. when dribbling or passing the ball to a teammate) no penalty will be awarded, regardless of the distance the player will be away from the empty goal


Based on the position of the defender the referees shall decide whether the player who is in possession of the ball committed an offensive foul or not. A non-movement action by the defender is generally an offensive foul just as actions where the defender is

  • moving backwards (and eventually using own arms to protect herself)
  • taking a legal defending position before the contact
  • hit by the attacker’s leg or arm

EHF Referees for Women's EHF EURO 2016

Dalibor Jurinovic (CRO)

Karina Christiansen (DEN)

Andreu Marin (ESP)

Peter Horvarth (HUN)

Viktorija Kijauskaite (LTU)

Kjersti Arntsen (NOR)

Joanna Brehmer (POL)

Diana-Carmen Florescu (ROU)

Victoria Alpaidze (RUS)

Vanja Antic (SRB)

Peter Brunovsky (SVK)

Mirza Kurtagic (SWE)

Marko Mrvica (CRO)

Line Hesseldal Hansen (DEN)

Ignacio Garcia Serradilla (ESP)

Balazs Marton (HUN)

Ausra Zaliene (LTU)

Guro Roen (NOR)

Agnieszka Skowronek (POL)

Anamaria Stoia (ROU)

Tatyana Berezkina (RUS)

Jelena Jakovljevic (SRB)

Vladimir Canda (SVK)

Matthias Wetterwik (SWE)